Designed for Eclipse Plug-in & OSGi Bundle Developers

Need reasons to use this plugin? Check the features below.

Automatic Dependency Analysis

New dependencies between plug-ins are discovered automatically, and yoy decide to which extent you want additional plug-ins to be activated or deactivated when you activate or deactivate individual plug-ins


Source changes shows up instantly in activated plug-ins after each build. If you have the Build Automatically option switched on, plug-ins are are updated and started when you save files in your plug-in project.

OSGi Commands

Once activated, all OSGi commands as Start, Stop and Refresh are available in the UI for individual plug-ins or all activated plug-ins in the workspace.

Projects and Plug-ins

A project represents a static view while its corresponding activated plug-in or OSGi bundle represents the runtime view of the project. This thight coupling always shows an updated runtime state of the project source.

Effective Code and Test Cycles

Be more productive by shorten the iterative "source code changes - run - test" cycles. This is especially useful when you instantly want to examine the runtime effect of minor changes in your code.

Exploit Dynamic Bundles

Get experience with dynamic aware bundles and learn how dynamics can be utilized in your deployed applications.