Welcome to the InPlace Activator plugin update site.

This web page provides automatic distribution and updates for the Eclipse InPlace Activator plugin.

Plug-in Requirements

The plug-in has been tested with Eclipse version 3.8.2  and up to the latest Oxygen Release (4.7)  on Windows 64 bit, Linux and Mac. It should also work with version 3.7, but let us know if you have any problems.

The plug-in runs under Java 1.7 and 1.8.

If you plan to activate plug-ins that makes contributions to the workbench, version 3.8.2 is recommended. Dynamic bundles works as expected in version 4.x except for its lack of responsiveness to dynamic updates of the Eclipse main menu and tool bar from plug-ins activated dynamically.

Plug-in Installation

See the change log for the latest version (v0.3.3) and check issues.

To install the InPlace Bundle Activator either use the Eclipse Marketplace Client  or:

  1. In Eclipse, click on Help | Install New Software Add…
  2. Enter the following:
    Name: InPlace Activator update site
    and click OK.
  3. Click the Select All button in the “Install” dialog.
    You can Deselect the “InPlace Bundle Activator Source Bundles” check box if you don’t want to install the source bundles
    and then click Next twice.
  4. Select the I accept option to accept the license and click Finish.
  5. The plugin is not digitally signed. Go ahead and install it anyway.
  6. Click Restart Now to make Eclipse restart itself.

Getting the Source Project from GitHub

You can clone the latest source of the project from the following remote git repository:


Feel free to report a bug, request new features or suggest improvements:

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